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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1. What is the process for applying a job?

Application Process.

FAQ #2. How long should I wait before following up about my application?

If you have not heard back from us within a month, you should move on.

FAQ #3. How long does the interview process take?

If you are outside Qatar, it may take at least 10-15 days on average. If you are residing in ​Qatar, it may be within a week.

FAQ #4. I was interviewed and have not heard back yet. When can I expect an update?  

Two to three weeks from the interview date.

FAQ #5. I have been unsuccessful in my application. Can I apply and be considered again?  

Yes, you can apply to any other vacant positions where your education and work experience meets the job descriptions.

FAQ #6. Can I apply for any role? Is there a limit as to how many positions I can apply?

Yes, to apply for other positions, you need to read each of the job descriptions for the jobs you're interested in precisely; and ensure you fit the role. You may apply to a maximum of 3 positions..

FAQ #7. As a non-Qatari, will you consider me for an internship?

Yes, we do consider non-Qataris for internship, however, you must have a valid Qatari ID (QID).

FAQ #8. Do you provide trainings for Non-Qataris?

Yes, we provide training for non-Qataris for new projects initiations by adopting new technologies, in addition to availing the opportunities of participating in several certified courses required for their jobs (H2S, First Aid, IT courses…).

FAQ #9. I have recently graduated. Do I have a chance to be considered for a position at KAHRAMAA?  

Experienced individuals in related fields are preferred. Currently, we do not have an existing policy on hiring fresh graduates. (It needs to be verified and confirmed)

FAQ # 10. How soon will I be eligible for the family status?

After you finish the probation period which will be from 3 to 6 months, and once you comply to the needed requirements, you can proceed with the procedures of obtaining the necessary government approvals. 

FAQ #11. I am working in another country outside Qatar. How I will be interviewed if shortlisted?  

We will arrange a Video Conference interview or a face to face interview in Qatar.

FAQ #12. Can my brother also apply for a job in KAHRAMAA and can both of us have a chance to be hired?

As a rule, 1st degree relatives are not allowed. However, exceptional cases may be considered subject to management approvals. (It needs to be verified and confirmed)

FAQ #13. How long does it take before I can join?

If you are residing in Qatar, an average of 60 days is the process time while if outside, it would be ​30 days. The process time may be reduced or prolonged due to external processes and approvals out of KAHRAMAA. (will obtain the number of days from our timeframe)

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