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KAHRAMAA Awareness Park


KAHRAMAA AWARENESS PARK (KAP) is a leading Edutainment Centre in the Middle East for Activities of Conservation & Energy Efficiency.


It's is a green facility designed with a number of elements to keep low use of energy.

KAP seeks to reduce CO2 footprint by:

  • Generating energy using clean wind and solar power.
  • Using renewable building materials in construction.


KAP seeks to reduce the use of water by:

  • Using water efficient equipment  
  • Using native plants to minimize the use of potable water  
  • Treating water from the site  

 KAP has been officially opened to public visits since its inauguration on 24th April, 2017 .


KAP Awards:

  • Best Sustainable Building – 5 Star -QSAS – Qatar 2011
  • Energy Globe Award for Best Sustainability Center – Sweden 2015
  • CSR Award for best Sustainable Project – QGBC – Qatar Foundation 2016
  • Obtained UNESCO identification as a member of The Global Water Museums Network - Venice 2017
  • Won Best Innovative  Conservation Education Center from 3G International Awards in UK in May 2020.


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