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Smart Registration: A Quantum Leap in KAHRAMAA Services


​Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation "KAHRAMAA" announced the launch of the "Smart Registration" service heralding a quantum leap in the level of services provided by KAHRAMAA to its customers. This development falls within the framework of the Corporation's efforts towards upgrading its amenities and providing high-quality services that meet the aspirations of customers in light of its transformation into a smart corporation.

The newly launched smart service allows automatic registration of customers at KAHRAMAA by linking and integrating systems with the concerned authorities without the need to submit any requests or documents by customers.

This was announced during the press conference held by the KAHRAMAA on Sunday, January 5, 2019 at KAHRAMAA’s headquarters in Dafna, in the presence of Eng. Nasser Al-Khuzai, Head of Operational Continual Improvement Section at KAHRAMAA’s Planning and Quality Department,  Eng. Mohammed Al-Badr, Head of System Development Section at KAHRAMAA’s Information Technology Department, Mr. Omar Al-Yafei, Assistant Manager of Information Techhnology Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, and Mr. Khaled Muhammad Amin, Acting manager of Information Technology, Ministry of Justice.

Through the smart registration service, KAHRAMAA automatically registers its customers once they complete the registration of their lease contracts at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME). This way the customer will not need to submit a “move-in” request or pay the deposit. Once the lease contract is registered, the customer will receive a notification that a request was initiated, and all registration procedures will be completed were the deposit will be added to the first bill. A notification is sent to the owner to inform him that a move-in request pertaining to his property was initiated to the new tenant based on the registered contract, and he the customer will be registered at KAHRAMAA.

On the other hand, the smart registration service allows owners to be registered automatically at KAHRAMAA through the linking and integration of systems with the Ministry of Justice via SAK portal, whereby KAHRAMAA database is updated and the new owner is automatically registered once the ownership title is registered without the need to submit a property ownership transfer request as data is automatically transferred to KAHRAMAA. A notification is sent to the previous and new owners that a new request has been initiated based on the title registration in a manner that guarantees the continuous and automatic update of the owner database at KAHRAMAA.

Connecting and integrating the systems with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and the Ministry of Justice allows KAHRAMAA to receive updates about all the transactions that were registered during a specific period of time. An internal system was established to provide automatic updates about lease contracts register at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment once every 60 minutes during working hours, and ownership titles registered at the Ministry of Justice through SAK web portal once daily.

The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation "KAHRAMAA" is proud of its efficient Qatari personnel from a number of concerned departments who designed the procedures and mechanisms to prepare KAHRAMAA’s smart internal systems for integration with the systems of the relevant authorities in order to implement the smart registration system. The system automatically performs a number of steps and procedures, such as automatic data inquiries and updates from concerned authorities, initiating requests, updating data and automatically registering customers with KAHRAMAA without human intervention. The team planned, designed, implemented and tested the newly developed system which proved its efficiency and effectiveness.

Connecting and integrating systems with the various authorities in the country enhances and facilitates the effective and efficient exchange of information, which positively reflects on the level and quality of services provided to the public. It also contributes to the rapid processing of customer transactions, saving time and effort, and reducing the number of customers at service centers. These services come within the framework of KAHRAMAA’s transformation into a smart corporation, and the integration of its system with several relevant authorities in the country in accordance with the Qatar Vision 2030 and the national development strategies.

On the other hand, the smart transformation of services supports KAHRAMAA's mission to become a paperless corporation as part of its efforts towards achieving sustainable development, preserving the environment and reducing harmful carbon emissions.

It is worth noting that the smart registration service is consistent with the continuous improvement and excellence as per KAHRAMAA’s vision "By 2030 our people, assets, systems and processes will set a global benchmark for performance, technological innovation, environmental sustainability and social responsibility in the electricity and water sector."

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