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KAHRAMAA Opens an establishment center in KidZania Doha

With Educational Activities Dedicated to Children  ​​

On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” opened an establishment center in the entertainment city “KidZania Doha”, with the aim of introducing the activities and services of the corporation by integrating education and entertainment, within the framework of KAHRAMAA’s corporate social responsibility to contribute to building a sustainable society according to Qatar National Vision 2030.

During a ceremony held on this occasion in KidZania Doha, Mr. Mohamed Ali Al-Muhannadi, Manager of the Public Relations and Communications Department at KAHRAMAA, and Mr. Khaled Ali Al-Mawlawi, Head of Administrative Affairs at Aspetar (Aspire Zone Foundation) Member of the Board of Directors of Qatar Entertainment Company “Tasali”, signed a partnership agreement between the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” and the Qatar Entertainment Company "Tasali", in the presence of the managers and representatives of the concerned departments at KAHRAMAA headquarters.

KAHRAMAA’s establishment center at KidZania Doha consists of two main sections with an area of about 30 sqm, and includes seven educational activities that address KAHRAMAA's major activities in the field of electricity, water, smart grids, rationalization of consumption, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water resources, customer services, etc., in an ideal interactive climate for children that allows them to develop their skills, gain new knowledge in a fun and entertaining manner. 

Those visiting KAHRAMAA’s establishment center will enjoy various activities that enable children to get acquainted with the real practical life and gain experiences. Children learn through real-life simulation of the nature and importance of the Corporation’s work, to promote belonging and effective participation in the advancement and development of the State of Qatar.

The first section sheds light on KAHRAMAA’s rationalization activities and efforts through the National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency "Tarsheed" via a creative and innovative presentation suitable for children. In this section, the child can work as a water electrical engineer and train how to test Electronic sensor systems and water flow control through faucets, in addition to working as an electricity  electrical engineer and testing sensor systems and learning how to conserve energy. The solar panels engineer is also trained to generate electricity from solar energy and use it as an alternative energy to power several bulbs in KidZania.

On the other hand, the Services and Resources Department provides an introduction to KAHRAMAA’s services, its national program “Tarsheed”, the efforts undertaken by the Corporation to preserve the resources of the State of Qatar, the quality services it provides, which includes repairing faults and leaks to ensure the sustainability of the service and rational use of resources, with an educational video to introduce and raise awareness about these services. In this section, the child works as a water resource engineer, tests the quality of drinking water, or address water interruption problems, in addition to working as a smart meter engineer and learning how to produce and distribute electricity, and how to troubleshoot faults.

Moreover, the Services and Resources Department trains children to work as solar panel engineers by teaching them to install, dismantle and repair solar panels to provide alternative energy from the sun. The Department also helps raise awareness among children on the wrong practices in electricity and water consumption and its impact on state resources and the damage it causes to the environment. The children also tour KidZania to ensure that the facility follow proper procedures and are given the necessary advice in case violations are detected. 

KAHRAMAA’s establishment center provides a unique experience for its visitors, as activities were designed to simplify ideas so that children can learn about economic cycles within cities, through interactive activities that simulate the realistic roles practiced by professionals in their field of work in KAHRAMAA, which contributes to empowering children and bolstering their confidence.

It is worth noting that the KidZania Doha amusement park is located in the heart of Aspire Park over an area of more than 5500 sqm, and it is the 27th city in the world that hosts this type of theme park. It opened its doors last May, to provide an educational and entertainment experience from through 42 facilities that allow children to play and simulate around 60 "adult jobs" through which they learn about the nature of the job and the concept of managing money in a safe environment and a city dedicated to children.

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